MDVRONLINE.COM is the online mobile video surveillance shop owned by company Hikway Technology Co.,Limited. Hikway team established in the year of 2014 on a solid foundation of technical and passion for fleet safety. 

Henger Luo the company founder has over 10 years of mobile digital video recorder(MDVR) R&D and manufacturer experience. Steven Long, sales manager has over 10 years in video surveillance industry and worked in Streamax company from 2012 to 2017, and served customers like Angeltrax, Safety Vision, ICTC, etc. And many of the other team members are from the renowned company like HUAWEI, STREAMAX, BYD, TVT, etc.

After years of working experience in this field, he founded the company aiming to share his experience and resources to all the people to improve our fleet safety, management efficiency and save lives. 

We are a young and passionate team, most of the team members are post 80’s and 90’s. So we believe we have the energy and expertise to provide our clients with the best products and services they deserve. Our professional team includes various disciplines as well as product designers, software&hardwares engineers, production manager, product testers, technical support, etc. Our focus is and has always been on the customers.  


We provide up-to-date devices including mobile dvr/nvr, body worn cameras, vehicle monitors, vehicle cameras, 4G dashcam, AI products360 camera system, ADAS, DSM, BSD, monitors and accessories for fleet management. We just focus on video and wireless transmission technologies and products. 



 Mobile digital video recorder(mdvr, mobile dvr, vehicle mobile dvr, car mobile dvr), Body worn camera, Vehicle cameras, vehicle cctv kit, backup cameras, 4G video surveillance and wireless transmission provider.