4G Vehicle 360° Surround View Camera System


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Product Overview

360° surround View Driving Assistance System provides a true 360° panoramic bird-view, monitoring with no blind spot to ensure driving safety. It adopts panoramic image synthesis technology, which can simulate a 2D/3D real driving scene. It features easy installation and easy calibration which is specially designed for transportation such as trucks, buses, emergency vehicles,engineering vehicles, etc. Combining with radar detection system, it can greatly improve driving safety.

1080P full HD video input and output, providing a real-time image with screen layback down to 150ms
One-minute easy Calibration, saving time and work
3D/2D switchable image as well as optional landscape and portrait, satisfying all kinds of need
Video Recording: HDD recording, supporting ultra-capacitor to secure the video file
Featuring FCW function, no extra camera or installation
Provide super rear view camera with 2/3D technology, covering all the lanes to achive a more secure lane merge
Quickly and smoothly pop up the single-view image with low latency
Support RTSP video output
Compatible with radars and parking sensors, supporting real-time video and audio overlay to actively warn the drivers to avoid obstacles and other potential dangers
Support 8CH cameras, including ADAS, DSM, BSD CAMERA.
Compatible with pedestrian detection cameras to have audio reminder
Operating temperature -20ºC ~ +70ºC
Low-lux night vision: still visible under 0.1lux with no need of Infrared light
With built-in 4G, GPS module for remote view.






Product list:
1pcs*360 main host with 4G&GPS
4pcs*360 panoramic(fish-eye) HD 1080P camera
1pcs * 15M cable
3pcs *10M cable
1pcs * 10inch HD monitor
1pcs* Calibration kit
Pls be noted: Cables can be customized for length in real demand.

 Radar (optional)

DSM function(optional)

ADAS function (optional)

BSD function (optional)




(No reviews yet) Write a Review