ADAS and DSM Algorithm

Posted by HIKWAY Technology fleet management solutions on 4th Jan 2021

ADAS and DSM Algorithm


Connect the camera:

Channel one, connect to DSM camera

Channel two, connect to ADAS camera

Open algorithm:

Open the DSM algorithm separately:

<VariCfgSec Action="DEVICE_SET"><stBaseInfo usFD_Customize="256" /></VariCfgSec>

Open the ADAS algorithm separately:

<VariCfgSec Action="DEVICE_SET"><stBaseInfo usFD_Customize="512" /></VariCfgSec>

Open ADAS and DSM algorithms at the same time:

<VariCfgSec Action="DEVICE_SET"><stBaseInfo usFD_Customize="768" /></VariCfgSec>

The above instructions can be issued through the client parameter configuration interface. After issuing, please restart the device

Authorization verification process

After the device successfully dials in 4G and can connect to the public network, it can automatically complete the authorization verification (the authorization method is to verify by the IMEI number of the 4G module to the authorization server)

Triggering conditions

The device needs to be positioned normally, and the current GPS speed must be greater than 18KM/H, ADAS and DSM algorithms will recognize

Test mode

In the office environment or when the car is stationary, you need to test the ADAS and DSM functions. You can use the remote control of the device to first press the LOGIN button on the remote control, and then press the mute button on the remote control to enter the test mode

Alarm mechanism

Driver identification

First, you need to place a clear frontal photo of the driver in the dsai directory of the SD card (the file format of the picture is .jpg, and it can store up to 32 photos of the driver)

Identification process

The DSM camera will automatically recognize the driver, whether it is successful or failed, it will only be recognized once; when the driver leaves the camera range and enters the camera range again, the comparison will be performed again.


1. The software version of the device must support the built-in ADAS DSM algorithm

2. Insert an SD card into the device, and the dsai folder of the root directory of the SD card contains the ADAS DSM algorithm program

3. Connect the camera correctly (DSM camera is connected to channel one, ADAS camera is connected to channel two)

4. The device has successfully dialed in 4G and can connect to the public network normally

5. The device has issued a command to enable the ADAS DSM function (you need to restart the device after the command is issued to take effect)

6. If the above conditions are met, and the alarm cannot be triggered, please confirm that the current vehicle speed is greater than 18KM/H, or the test mode is turned on

7. Driver recognition function, after detecting a person, only recognize once. If you need to confirm two or more times, you can block the camera with your hand to change the status, and then perform recognition and authentication again