CMSV6 Function Brief View

Posted by HIKWAY Technology fleet management solutions on 3rd Aug 2021

CMSV6 Function Brief View

3/4G Video Surveillance

Real-time remote audio and video monitoring. There are two video effects: realtime good and fluency good. If network is good, you can choose realtime good. If network is not good, you can choose fluency good and it will save video in the cache to ensure the fluency. It can support single video, multiple video, and can view as many as 100 videos. Support CIF, D1, HD etc.

GPS location

vehicle and personnel location. In the CMSV6 map, it will show vehicle location in detail. It will also show vehicle info like: location time, milage, speed, driver, location, alarm info, vehicle status, recording status, etc.

Remote Video Playback

In cmsv6 pc client, web client, apps, you can search the video file of device terminal, server. And can playback the video.

Track query

In the cmsv6 track control panel, you can track the historical track of each vehicle, get info of the route of each vehicle. And can view the vehicle data by the table under the map.

WIFI Auto Download

The principle of the wifi auto download of cmsv6 is to use the wifi on device to upload the video/photo on SD card or HDD to the cmsv6 server. The function can support resume from break, multi stataion upload and wifi planed download or manual download.

Alarm Linkage

In the CMSV6 client, user can configure the alarm linkage function. User can designate one or multiple types of alarms with reminding, like red reminder of the window, e-map lock, beeping etc.

Fuel Report

The fuel sensor can send data to the cmsv6 through the mobile dvr. The cmsv6 platform can have second statistics of the data, and have the report. Throught the report we can see the abnormal of the fuel volume, and can give the management team evidence of the fuel management.

Image snapshot

Take snapshot in the moving vehicle and save. Play the snapshot in the client side, and this can save streaming compared to video.

Swipe Student Card

in the school bus or public bus, passenger can swipe the card to save info.

TTS Function

TTS is text to speech, that is from text to voice. It is the people device talk. In the cmsv6 TTS function, type the text in the platform and can broadcast the text by the speaker on the vehicle. There should install speaker with the mdvr to realize the function.

UI Customization

CMSV6 support web client customization. The interface of CMSV6 web client and the content is independent. The interface is done by DIV+CSS.