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Product Overview

Vehicle Intelligent Monitoring System:

1. Mileage Report
Check the vehicle mileage data analysis table, including mileage summary, mileage daily. Record mileage of time, start and end position, and generate the data report can be exported as Excel, PDF and other commonly used files
2. Speed report
Based on vehicle set alarm at low speed and overspeed alarm value, generate the corresponding alarm signal, at the same time generate detailed data reports. Report data records of alarm information such as time, location, speed, to provide customers with accurate data.
Speed report including the speed alarm summary , alarm summary Detail,speeds analysis .
3. Online Summary
Online report detailed data record vehicles online and offline, manageable registered vehicles, real-time tracking vehicle online information, vehicle video record.
Terminal online data reportis characterized by linkage vehicle ACC on and off to generate a series of report, including Online Status Daily,Online Summary,Online Detail.
4. IO Alarm Report
IO alarm report is to facilitate the record of IO alarm conditions. Usually each terminal device is with 8 IO alarm inputs, can be connected with emergency button, door magnetic and a variety of switch-related  trigger alarms.
5. Driver Behavior
The driver behavior analysis table including driver attendance summary, driver attendance detail.
Statement analysis to management of vehicle driver attendance by brush IC card record ,the driver during the rush hours
The report includes: license plate number, time of swiping IC card, location and driver info.
6. Temperature Alarm
Temperature report can accurately record including device temperature, the temperature information of external temperature sensor to prevent the occurrence of malignant over-temperature anomalies. Customers can get statistics of the temperature conditions of different time, which provide reference for the equipment anomalies and vehicle data.
The report includes: license plate number, alarm time and alarm location.
7. Alarm Report
Alarm report include the Alarm Summary ,  ACC Detail, GPS signal Lost Detail, Emergency Button Detail, illegal  open  door Detail,  Motion  alarm Detail, Video Lost Detail, Not Recording, G-Sensor Alarm Detail ,Camera Block Detail,fatigue Deatail,ADAS Detail.
Through the alarm report can inquire schedule of each type of alarm report, the report includes the vehicle license plate number, alarm time, alarm, the current position.
8.  Storage Media Report
Storage media report consists of Disk Error Detail,Disk Temperature Alarm and Disk Status Detail, to ensure the normal operation of the hard disk and prevent the impact of vehicle video storage caused by hard disk not working properly.
Alarm REPORT contains: vehicle license plate number, alarm time, alarm, type, alarm, the current position , hard disk status information.
9. Upgrade Report
Device upgrading report contains Vehicle Release Details, Offline Upgrade, Parameter Configuration. It is convenient for the maintenance and management of device. When things goes wrong, customers can check the version number and configuration of the device through report data to analyze whether the device is manually modified or the device is upgrading with error.
10. Fuel report
Fuel report mainly be used in the statistics of fuel of vehicle, includes Fuel Dynamic Detail and Fuel Abnormal Detail, to avoid the lack of fuel when vehicles run long time,  or the abnormality of fuel.
The fuel report includes license plate number, fuel situation , mileage and vehicle location.
11. Park Report
Through more effective management of vehicle parking statement analysis data information.
Park report includes Vehicle Idling Detail,  Vehicle Idling Summary,Park Too Long Summary, Park Too Long
12. Dispatch Report--TTS Detail
TTS is a kind of speech synthesis application which converts the files stored in the computer into natural voice output. TTS can increase the readability of the text.
 It can be used in the vehicle management system, and the text can be converted into speech. Every text message can be recorded in TTS report and generated summary. 



CMSV6 Main Function Introduction


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